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This server is vanilla, meaning you can join it with any Minecraft client. This server will be temporary until BungeeCord is sorted between it and the main Pixelmon server, but the world will be safe and you can start building on it right now. As with our previous plot worlds, use /p auto to get a 150x150 plot to build on. WorldEdit is allowed within plots.

IP is (hopefully) mc.xpgaming.com:25566, but could be if the DNS hasn't propagated to you yet. Let me know if anything goes wrong
Hey all just wanted to let you know that the legacy server has a working (pretty sure) plotme server, so if you ever get bored or want to show off your skills hop on !

You will spawn in survival just /plotme auto for a new plot or /warp creative and then /plotme claim on a specific one you like.

If you need anything specific or I need to fix something please let me know. If all goes as planned this creative world will never be taken down unless something horrible happens.

Hey all , We Have a creative world on the Legacy Server ! Come and show off your skills. started a new thread so it was bumped on the discord, please check out my running update post (back from the dead one) for in depth updates. Started this thread for two purposes.

One - The legacy server is still kicking and will always be(I'm serious I personally maintain massive servers for this tiny server. It should be un white listed and will be unwhitelisted while I work on the server more.
I think the server is behind an update i'm gunna try to fix that today.

Two - I...