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All the old boards have been archived for historical reasons and removed from public view, it was a bit clunky having thousands of boards with old messages and nothing relating to the new gen.

Feel free to help fill these up without spamming.
  • I'm Back From The Dead Bitches

  • Overhauled the server and am gunna unwhitelist it for everyone. Not really sure on the No Cheat, but you are a giagantic faggot if you hack on a community hangout server. Have fun kiddos. Also Went for the pure survival with history , basically there is no sense in me busting my ass for 5 steady players , Pan and Xen will keep bringing the fresh stuff. But I will always welcome you home.
      1. We now have dynmap! (details will come later)
      2. NCP Has been tamed (agian) and is hopefully playable now....
Hi All , just thought I would bring you up to speed, basics and everything are set up No Cheat Plus has trapped me in a corner and is currently beating me with with a rather nasty flail, no worries besides that everything is up and going and will tackle multiverse soon, to hopefully get the towny up and going. Also going to fiddle with prices and jobs, but like I said college Kicks up again tomorrow (American collage or Uni to most of you.) so I will try my best to find time , but please be patient besides with G11 looking great that should be an amazing time but as sticking to plan my...