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  1. 1

    Could be a good idea?

    Make your first post on xP//, starting your adventure into madness.

  2. 2

    40bulls would be proud

    Someone liked one of your posts, you're pretty much in second base already.

  3. 5

    Slowly deteriorating into madness

    You made 30 posts on xP//. Oh dear.

  4. 10

    I think this is becoming a problem now

    100 messages???

  5. 10

    You have fans

    You've been liked 25 times in total, noice.

  6. 15

    You seriously have fans

    100 likes across your posts, good job!

  7. 20

    xP// Addicts Anonymous

    Why be the trash can when you can be the whole trash heap? Keep going!

  8. 20

    The adoration is getting worrisome now

    250 likes across your posts!

  9. 30

    You're pretty much a celebrity at this point

    500 likes across posts, wow. Good job!

  10. 30

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday from all of us at xP//!

  11. 40

    Impressive. Why, though?

    5,000 posts. There may be some outside help required.

  12. 1000


    1000 total likes and at least 10,000 posts. Congrats!

  13. 9999

    Shhh.. it's a secret!

    How did you even get this? Luck? Hacks? Whatever the reason, congrats.