Hey all, we got a new forum, but it's got the same posts as the old forum and your old accounts will still work so it's not much different.

Stuff might be broken, I'm working on it still.
    Hello all , Just informing you that xPLegacy will be going through a period of whitelisted maitenence (not that it really does anything :p).
    Changes Already Completed
      • We now have dynmap! (details will come later)
      • NCP Has been tamed (agian) and is hopefully playable now.
      • Added a second world with towny, though it is unconfigured.
      • Update the entire server to that colorful update shit (scary stuff).
      • Bring all plugins up to date.
      • Cut out eye and threw it into the well of knowledge.
      • Add all the classical literature written in days past by xP dwellers to a library.
      • Found and slaughtered Herobrine.

      To do list. (and what I am working on presently)
      • Get good on ai. lol i fucken thought i could
      • Added a museum world for Tera (no pokemon(soon ?) of course just the structures).EXPLODED AFTER UPDATE
      • Bring all plugins up to date.
      • Added more cities throughout the chaos lands for saftey.
      • Sacrafice lambs to Völuspá, Urðr , Verðandi. And Build the Grave Yard that contains the bodies of all old dogs that have never returned.
      • Citizens are present and alive but not sound in mind.
      • Add all previous G builds as museums is i can get my hands on them, any help would be appreciated!
      • Refine permissions more.
      • Refine the bitch that the economy has become.
      • Add some minigames to another world.(If you have any sugg. I would be happy to listen to them here.

      We now have a dynmap, it will prob. break with the overhaul but here is the info anyhow,,

      Thank you for your time, the update period and such might take some time as I am only one man, also sorry for being dead lately, been super busy.
      Thanks -Furious