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Discussion in 'General Games Discussion' started by Baxate, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. Baxate

    Baxate Guest

    I have played my fair share of awful games in my childhood. But, there was one that I spent so much money on and hardly ever played. This was Avatar: The game. It was extremely bad and cost 70$. I was wondering, What is the biggest waste of money on a game you have ever spent? I am talking about a game in particular not stuff within a game.
  2. Servace

    Servace Guest

    To me COD: Ghost was a waste of money. That made me take a break from the game.
  3. gmckee1985

    gmckee1985 Guest

    Hard to say. I've bought some real clunkers, especially back in the day. I'm a little smartest about what I spend my money on now, though. I would say the biggest waste of money was for Wave Race. I thought that was a pretty boring game. Not worth the $60 i paid for it.
  4. MisterRay97

    MisterRay97 Guest

    I played that Avatar game. I don't remember the price, but the game was pretty boring. I think I've wasted money on 'Ninja Blade'. The game was horribly ported to PC and got uninteresting soon.
  5. Qarnage

    Qarnage Guest

    The collector's edition of the latest Duke Nukem game was quite a waste. The game was really bad and it looked like it was put together within a week by some people who never made a game before. Was a real bummer especially because I used to love playing Duke Nukem when I was young.
  6. crazyman1090

    crazyman1090 Guest

    The biggest waste of money I spent was buying CoD Black Ops. It was the first CoD game I played and it was so trashy compared to my usual MH3 on the Wii and DS. What a waste of $60...
  7. Nero

    Nero Guest

    To me it was buying an xbox 360. It was the BIGGEST waste of all (even though I bought it for 50 dollars). It didn't even come with controllers and such and the games I was into were on the PS3. I still want a PS3 though.
  8. Strykstar

    Strykstar Guest

    I think the biggest waste of money I've bought was probably Rockband's extra instruments.
    Sure, it's a fantastic thing to bring out during a party or when you have people over, but when does that ever happen anymore? I've maybe used them 2 or 3 times.
  9. Fierysoul

    Fierysoul Guest

    I accidently spent around $70 on Battleforge. Back when it was published, I played a couple of games with a friend and enjoyed the shadow faction. The starter pack would cost around $35 dollars and was shipped with a couple of boosters and a serial number. There was also an extension pack available with the same amount of boosters and for the same price, but without a serial number. The distinction between these two was not really clear in the shop, at least to me.

    Of course, I bought the wrong product and couldn't play the game. Eager to play and definitely not willing to wait for a response from EA support, I went again for the shop and spent another $35. After 4 weeks or so the game got repetetive and I stopped playing.
  10. Kleineganz

    Kleineganz Guest

    For the biggest waste of money was SimCity Societies. That game was so awful, it doesn't deserve the right to be part of the SimCity franchise.

    Say what you will about the early problems in SimCity 2013, that is a much more solid, playable game than Societies ever was.
  11. Skuttie

    Skuttie Guest

    CS:GO keys, waste $2.49 on key, get 10 cent skin, repeat!
  12. GlacialDoom

    GlacialDoom Guest

    My biggest waste of money has got to be Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive keys. As Skuttie said, you pay around 2 euros for a key, you get a skin/sticker worth about 10 cents, you sell that skin on the Steam Market, saying you will never make the same mistake, and you do it again another day, with the context that this time "it's your lucky day".

    Seriously, my friend once had a binge-uncrating of about 50 keys, and he ended up with items worth about 10 dollars. Huge loss for him, we were both bummed out as I really wanted him to get an unusual hat (worth a lot in Team Fortress 2).
  13. Sixfinger

    Sixfinger Guest

    I bought Fallout New Vegas on release day for 60 bucks. Took it home to install, and bam - it needs Steam. I had dialup at the time, and no way to get Steam to verify, and trust me - I tried.

    It took me about two years to figure out a way to play the thing on my computer. I had to take my tower to a friends to install/patch the game, and now I have to use my mobile phone to tether to my computer to connect. I can't do it for very long, though, because my phone isn't supposed to tether and my prepaid plan can get cut off, because that's against the TOS.

    It makes me mad, because I'd have rather waited two years and bought the game through a Steam sale for a ridiculously low price than to have it veg out on my shelf because I can't play it.
  14. Issae

    Issae Guest

    Rift Collector's Edition when it launched. I think I paid $100 for it. It came with a 6 month sub, and a lifetime reduced sub rate. I only played the game for 3 months, and it's now free to play.

    Learned my lesson with that one.
  15. sarz

    sarz Guest

    Destiny I know I have already ridiculed it but I spent about £50 on it. Yes I fell for the hype. I mean they spent so much money on it how could it be so terrible, right? The most boring, receptiveness ever. There are no highlights, nothing but disappointment. :mad:
  16. hamz10

    hamz10 Guest

    Watch dogs. That game was so over-hyped and did not live anywhere near what it supposedly was. The hacking was linear and sterile and the game was very glitchy and too easy.
  17. andrew172

    andrew172 Guest

    Just about every game about the Olympics ever. I put a lot of research before I drop more than 5$ on a game now though, so I rarely buy anything that I don't know I'll enjoy.
  18. Aladar

    Aladar Guest

    Street Fighter X Tekken. Seemed promising, but it wasn't thought out very well and lost its playerbase way too early into the product's life cycle, killing all competitive scenes for it and making playing it completely pointless. The only time I preordered a game too. D:
  19. Calcium

    Calcium Guest

    My personal biggest waste of money was probably NBA 2K11, not because it was a bad game, but it just wasn't my kind of game. I'm not sure why I went out and bought it as I've never really liked sports games.
  20. Born Ready

    Born Ready Guest

    The BIGGEST waste of money is any COD game that has been out after the MWF series. I recently bought COD: Ghosts to give the series a try again but I was wrong in even thinking about it. Traded it in the next day and now I continue to be skeptical about buying any other COD game ever.
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