Have you ever been hacked?

Discussion in 'General Games Discussion' started by Mddimehdi, Oct 10, 2014.

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  1. Mddimehdi

    Mddimehdi Guest

    I've known so many people who got hacked in WOW ,good thing they can get you pretty much everything back for you. Not all but close. The funniest hacking story I had was a friend,who was hacked THREE TIMES (no authenticator) and the hacker moved his character to another server ,leveled it up, made some gold and maxed out his professions
  2. xTinx

    xTinx Guest

    For sure. And much of my hacking experiences were all thanks to Yahoo's poor security. I don't know why but hacking bots or however they're called often get to access my Yahoo account and send emails from there - to the horror of my contacts who didn't know my account was hacked. I had to change my password all the time. I unfortunately couldn't just do away with my Yahoo mails for the sole reason that I don't want to lose my files in there. Someone should help Yahoo developers.
  3. Kleineganz

    Kleineganz Guest

    Yeah my WoW account got hacked - they cleared out both my inventory and the guild inventory (ouch). We not only got everything back but they gave is like tons and tons of extra stuff ... I filled up the guild bank (which took some doing) and still had a ton of stuff left over. So in the end it was a win. :D
  4. azrmacc

    azrmacc Guest

    I've never been hacked, I've been phished once though. Back then I wasn't really wary about checking links if they're legit, and being a guild leader it was the worst thing that could happen. Got most of the stuff back though.
  5. danachka

    danachka Guest

    Never. I had a friend who has been. She had ton of data on her game and got hacked and she had to start allover because she couldn't get back in.
  6. Pirate_Jesus

    Pirate_Jesus Guest

    I gave my runescape password to someone when I was 11 or so and lost all my items. Recovered the account, haven't been hacked since. Generally, my passwords are too complicated to get hacked easily.
  7. nerdygirly12

    nerdygirly12 Guest

    I've also never been hacked. A few of my friends were though. One was able to recover and one wasn't. It's good to hear that WoW is so understanding about giving you resources back. I would really appreciate the gesture if it ever happened to me.
  8. shilpa123

    shilpa123 Guest

    There wre quite a lot of times I was hacked, but I never understood hoe they can they get into my server. It seemd rather impossible for me to do so very easily. There was a time when my entire game used to hang and then finally a system shut down, just because of hacking activity of some people. It was so annoying.
  9. tinyfang

    tinyfang Guest

    Of the 9.5 years I've played WoW through 4 accounts I owned, I have never been hacked. I didn't even use an Authenticator. The key tips are:

    - use a different password for your email
    - use passwords that aren't so obvious
    - my passwords are all different and more complicated depending on what the account is used for
    - keep my anti-virus up to date
    - don't blindly click on links at websites and in emails
    - don't share your account info with just anyone

    The only time I had ever been hacked was someone somehow stole my access for Paypal. Fortunately, Paypal solved the hack and charge back within a day and since then, had learned to use strong passwords.
  10. calicer1996

    calicer1996 Guest

    Never been hacked. But I find no fun in hacking and leveling up my characters. I like to toil and work hard and reap those rewards. Usually people with stupid passwords get hacked.
  11. Sefie

    Sefie Guest

    I feel kinda shy to admit it, but I was actually hacked when I was still playing Runescape and that's one of the many reasons i stopped playing the game. Yup, I lost everything there. I actually suspect it was one of my friends the one who hacked me! He often expressed interest in my account and knows me very well, well enough to hack me. I have the feeling he did it, but I have never confronted him because I know he'd just deny it, so what's the point?

    Plus what's a simple game compared to a friendship? I no longer even have the slightest interest to play that game... it was such a drainage of time! Time is something I don't have right now either!
  12. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Guest

    I also have never been hacked and I was phished as well before I even knew what it was. I got a email saying your WOW account has been suspected of fraudulent activity please log in or be banned and I fell for it. I did end up getting the account back though.

  13. pinkenvelope

    pinkenvelope Guest

    Yes. I was still a newbie in this 2D F2P game called Angels Online. I bought some rare items using real money then. I was really kicking other players' butts. Anyway, I was surprised when I found out one day that all the stuff vanished. I didn't know what happened. I thought at first that it was a glitch, so I reported it to the GM. He asked if I shared my account details with anyone. When I told him I didn't, he said that my account was accessed somewhere else. I got some of the stuff back, and the account associated with the IP was banned.
  14. GamerGirl

    GamerGirl Guest

    I've never had a game hacked, but I've had my Yahoo email hacked. I have no idea how it happened because I'm careful and don't use the same passwords across things. They've prompted me to change my password a couple of times too, so I don't know if the people responsible have made more attempts since then.

    I will admit to having my passwords written down on a piece of paper, but TBH, if somebody got hold of it they would need to be in my office, in my house. My Paypal account would be the least of my worries.

    I would add something to the list of ways to stay safe -

    1a) If you are hacked, change your security question. If somebody is in your account they can change the question (or the answer) which will give them access even if you've changed your password.

    1b) Have a false answer to the security question (if you have one). Information is easy to find out, especially if you blog or are active on Twitter or Facebook. If you want something you'll remember, try making it about a favourite book or film - so if you loved Gone With The Wind, your question would be "What was my second husband's name?" "Frank"; it won't be obvious to anybody trying to hack you what it refers to, but you will (hopefully) know what it refers to.
  15. jordangeorge

    jordangeorge Guest

    I've never been hacked, I've been phished once though. Back then I wasn't really wary about checking links if they're legit, and being a guild leader it was the worst thing that could happen. Got most of the stuff back though.
  16. Nero

    Nero Guest

    I one time got hacked on Maplestory, I lost my account and everything. On the other hand I did once use to hack on the same game and got banned. So yea there is that.
  17. Zyni

    Zyni Guest

    I know people who have been hacked, but I have never been. I use an authenticator for WoW (I know it's not 100% guaranteed, but it makes me feel more secure). I try to follow all the recommended security measures, and my account has never been dormant for long periods of time. Most of the people that I know who got hacked had dormant accounts and only found out when they tried to come back.
  18. MisterRay97

    MisterRay97 Guest

    I once got my Steam account almost hacked. It was a phishing attempt related to some trade. I was too stupid to not notice the strange variance in the URL. Thankfully, I realized it immediately after I entered my credentials and I quickly changed my Steam password and email.
  19. gmckee1985

    gmckee1985 Guest

    No, I've never been hacked. Thankfully. I don't put a lot of personal or financial information online anyway. So I'm not sure exactly what could be gained from it. Never had a game hacked either. I'm sure it's only a matter of time, though. Seems to be a pretty common and frequent occurrence for a lot of folks.
  20. vennybunny

    vennybunny Guest

    Yes! It was a computer shop with a keylogger. I found it after I lost all my items in Gunbound (anyone remember that game?) I tried to confront the guy at the register but he wouldn't budge. Sad. I kept playing on Item-off servers after that.
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