NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)

Discussion in 'General Games Discussion' started by MisterRay97, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. MisterRay97

    MisterRay97 Guest

    NFS: Hot Pursuit is a simple 'cops and racers' style racing game. It allows you to play as both a cop and a racer. It is kinda old, but I still enjoy it a lot. My favourite events in NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) are hot pursuits and interceptor events. What is your opinion on this game?
  2. Qarnage

    Qarnage Guest

    I liked it at the start but it got repetetive rather quickly. Hot pursuits were really fun but interceptor events made me cringe. I'd get so angry if I didn't get them on the first try because I just never really liked that type of event. Eventually I just gave up on the game because I couldn't manage to finish the interceptor events anymore. I preferred Most Wanted (the ps2 one) a lot more.
  3. Strykstar

    Strykstar Guest

    Hot Pursuit was a lot of fun but I don't think that any other driving game ever reached the amount of fun that I had when playing NFS Underground.
    Without the term of comparison though, it's still a very enjoyable game.
  4. crazyman1090

    crazyman1090 Guest

    I think driving games are okay. They are pretty fun for the first few hours, but they get really stale if there is no additional content such as a game like GTA 5. If racing is the only thing that the game does, then it gets boring.
  5. sarz

    sarz Guest

    In my opinion its just more of the same old nfs. Admittedly it is fun playing as the policeman or the criminal, but after a few hours when you get right down to it. It's just the same as all the others. With racing games what new innovative ideas can they think of that haven't been thought of? I personally prefer burnout and have never really liked nsf so maybe I'm biased.
  6. januz101

    januz101 Guest

    I have always been a fan of NFS franchise. And my opinion of hot pursuit is that it has its own highlights as you get to play as both criminals and cops. Cars as usual are really fancy and looks very similar to the original down to the last detail. Overall the events are challenging, and even took me awhile to finish the interceptor events. Even did a research on youtube on how to go about this particular gameplay.
  7. techbeast34

    techbeast34 Guest

    I still have NFSU for the GameCube. I also have Hot Pursuit. But NFSU is one of the best IMO. The customization, the races, physics, all of that was pretty good.
  8. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Guest

    Everyone knows that the original Hot Pursuit was one of the best racing games ever made. ;] I loved the 2010 version of the game, and Underground was actually pretty boring for me, with the enclosed courses (due to the cityscape). Everyone just liked the "cool" rice burners in that game, as far as I'm concerned.
  9. MisterRay97

    MisterRay97 Guest

    I agree with you. The original Hot Pursuit was one of the best games in the series, in my opinion. When I was a kid, I used to play the demo of it for hours and I loved it. Honda Accord was the car that I drove in it. :)
  10. jurew2

    jurew2 Guest

    I like all of the NFS games and therefore I also liked the Hot Pursuit (2010). I love this style in the game where you can be chased by the police and race other drivers, but this isn't the best NFS game that I played this far. If you compare Hot Pursuit to Underground, there is a very big difference in my opinion.
  11. DaFinalWord

    DaFinalWord Guest

    I read the other replies and I must say I do love NFS games. Like a Pokemon master I try to catch um all. Hot Pursuit 2010 I picked up a few years ago but have yet to really play it. Not just because things have been so hard lately but when I got it , I got the PlayStation 3 version. I enjoy the PC versions more. My big fingers don't groove well with the tiny controller. I got me an off the shelf controller with more hand room so I think I should go back and give it a try. Thanks for spurring my interest in a classic that I really use to enjoy. I will let you know if my controller skills have increased or if I should get a keyboard.
  12. DaFinalWord

    DaFinalWord Guest

    Well, my skills are better but I do not feel in control holding the PS3 joystick. I was left feeling cheated and dirty mouthed. Maybe I will feel more like my speed demon self with the PC version. Too bad to, those were some great graphics. Just not a console racer I guess. Too bad, so sad, now I'm mad.
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