Rewind option in more games?

Discussion in 'General Games Discussion' started by MisterRay97, Oct 6, 2014.

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  1. MisterRay97

    MisterRay97 Guest

    The 'rewind' option was incredibly helpful in a lot of games. It existed in Total Overdose, the Prince of Persia series, GRID, DiRT, etc. These games were pretty fun and the ability was well executed. Would you want to see this ability in more games? I'd like to see it in GTA and similar games. Some RC missions and shooting missions in GTA games are pretty hard and it'd be cool if there was a rewind option so that I could try it again.
  2. januz101

    januz101 Guest

    If there was a rewind option in GTA that would really be a plus. I just hate it when you have to redo the mission from scratch.
  3. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Guest

    I don't mind the rewind option as long as it is part of the storyline of the game. To have it just because is in my eyes like a cheat code.
  4. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Guest

    I agree with this 100%. If the feature is just thrown into a game just for the sake of being there, then it's worthless and closer to a cheat than a legitimate feature. For games that incorporate it into the storyline, then it's worthwhile to be in the game and actually makes sense.
  5. GamerGirl

    GamerGirl Guest

    I valued the rewind function in Prince of Persia a lot but I think it could easily become a gimmick. I'd rather re-spawn close to where I died.
  6. sarz

    sarz Guest

    I would have to agree with the comments about it almost being like a cheat. Sands of time obviously had to have it because of the plot. But if every game had it wouldn't it get really boring? I think it would make a lot of games really easy and maybe its just me but I don't want easy games. I enjoy a challenge.
  7. indy4s

    indy4s Guest

    The way I see it, I could understand the rewind option being used at easier difficulties or maybe even penalties being applied when it's used... However, I'd prefer the option to pause and the rewind or fast forward through cutscenes in case you missed something (would that be too much to ask for).
  8. shilpa123

    shilpa123 Guest

    I think the rewind option is really cool in most of the games and I think more and more number of games must have this option. It takes the game to a completely different level and one needs to use them quite efficiently.
  9. Flatlander

    Flatlander Guest

    Of course a rewind option would be great if well-executed, but it also matters whether it fits into the theme of the game, or whether it can be justified by the rest of the gameplay. Can't just put it anywhere, that's for sure.
  10. tinyfang

    tinyfang Guest

    This automatically made me think of the Indie game "Braid". Of course, it's a game play mechanic, rather than system mechanic of the game.

    I particularly don't enjoy games with automatic save points, which many console games use. So even if I can rewind to a previous save, the problem could be the save point in general. Why not just make it so people can save at any time? If not, why not make it so the game automatically saves periodically between major choices? Well, that's easier said than done, but blah.
  11. Sefie

    Sefie Guest

    Totally! I'm a firm believer that in games we should all be able to get a second chance at everything, specially quests! There have been a lot times I just wand to rewind my progress, due some mistakes here and there, but instead I had to go on until the end, even tho I knew I had screw up and was going to fail anyway as a result.
  12. Servace

    Servace Guest

    Rewind in GTA would be amazing. I have failed so many missions and I hate going back to the starting point.
  13. Robbinho14

    Robbinho14 Guest

    Well that would be very usefull on most games. I just hate having to start over a mission for 10 million times. The game should just skip the first parts you have already passed a million times and instantly put you back to where you were.
  14. Qarnage

    Qarnage Guest

    I don't think being able to rewind is a good idea at all. Having it available would feel like cheating to me and that would then take away some of the excitement you get when you finish a level. In order for rewinding to be viable I think they should introduce either restrictions or penalties for using them. Also, I don't think GTA is the type of game that would benefit from a rewind function, the only thing it would add is less difficulty
  15. Peninha

    Peninha Guest

    Rewind option is awesome because it allow us to review and re-try the harder parts of the game without wasting time, a must IMO.
  16. jurew2

    jurew2 Guest

    A rewind option in a game is always something good, because if you don't do something good you can always go back to the time you made the mistake and start over. In the game where there this isn't a thing you always have to do the missions from the begining and this could get frustrating, even more when the mission is very long and you are right in the end of it.
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